So…what’s up in the World of Will, you ask?  Here’s a sample of what that conversation might look like:

  • You: So, what’s up, Will?
  • Me: Gah!
  • You: What?!
  • Me: Nothing, you just surprised me.
  • You: Oh.
  • Me: Oh, well, I am pretty busy, now that I think about it.  I mean, there’s classes, but I’m only taking four, just like everyone else, so, you know, I’m not really busy.  And QSA.  I’m making a website for them.  And SwatCambodia.  I know there’s something I was supposed to be working on.  Anyway, not important.  Oh, and I’m doing a bunch of shifts at LPAC this week, faculty dance concerts coming up, and I’ve got a few more subjects to finish for Professor Grodner’s psychology research.  And my first SCCS meeting of the semester is this week.  And there’s probably something I’m supposed to do for 12 Angry Men, the TD always needs to email people, and we’ve got 9 weeks to build the set, rehearse, and put on the show.  And of course dance!  I’ve just got four classes and two rehearsals a week, that’s not much, but the dress rehearsals for one performance are this weekend, and I’m a little afraid.  And of course there’s my blog and this comic!
  • You: ……..

So, that’s what’s up in the world of Will…