Yay!  Bloggery!

So, Dollhouse was not as good as last week, but definitely still good.  I just don’t get where dear old Joss is taking the series.  I have faith, however, that he will not lead us astray.  Next week looks like a doozy, so I’m waiting with bated breath.

Me, dancing ballet.

Me, dancing ballet.

In the mean time, I’m doing things like dance.  Spring break has begun, though I’m not getting home until tomorrow.  I’ve got a lot planned for break, mostly recharging my seriously drained batteries.  Part of that recharging will involve writing as much as I possibly can, drawing as much as I possibly can, and dancing as much as I possibly can.  There may also be a MASH overdose in there somewhere, and I hope I can get down to Washington for a few days before my first rehearsal for the spring ballet on Saturday.  To get prepped I have a two hour partnering class Sunday, men’s class Monday, adult class morning and evening on Tuesday, and private class on Wednesday.  So yeah.  Lots of ballet.

I can’t get a hang of how WordPress makes the extra space between paragraphs.  Also, I want to start typing this blog in Old English.  Can’t quite get the keyboard inputs working right…

And now, because I’m tired, I shall sleep.  A farewell to ye all.