So, it appears that my second favorite Gawker blog, io9, is looking for summer interns.  Despite the fact that my summer will be filled with brain/mind research and reading and dance (plus oodles of Buffy, Pushing Daisies, The West Wing, and other television goodness), I think I shall apply.  It would be a neat and exciting opportunity to be involved with professional bloggers while writing about stuff I like.  What could possibly go wrong?

Now, on to the first topic I promised you.  OMG, Dollhouse.  No, seriously, OMG, Dollhouse.  Hello?  Why are you still reading this?  You could be watching Dollhouse!  I am keeping to my strict policy of no spoilers, but that show is out of this world.  Yes, the whole mind-wiped-sex-slave-assassins-general-sexiness thing is kinda getting old, but that’s why they’ve moved beyond it!  After the initial seven pilots, the episodes have just been getting better and better.  Despite the credit roll that seems to say “Welcome to the Eliza Dushku Putting on Lingerie Show,” Dollhouse is about more than just one character – it really is about the Dollhouse and the people who’s lives are affected by it.  Paul Ballard, for example, is just an innocent FBI agent with a major obsession.  But the show is about him just as much as it is about Victor, Sierra, November, and Echo.

For those who object that the show is too shiny, I refer you to an interview in which Joss Whedon explains some plans to include dolls of all shapes and sizes.  I’d link, but twenty minutes of searching my Reader archives sadly reveals nothing.  To summarize – November would have been an older woman, and there would have been more variation amongst the dolls, but certain influential folks at FOX made everything a little shinier.

The plots are certainly coming together, and one really cares about each and every member of the Dollhouse (even if you think he/she is stupid and should totally be sent to the uber-creepy Attic).  Dollhouse has also managed to use somewhat tired plots (bringing back to the dead to solve a murder) in new ways (making the imprinted doll solve her own murder).  Each character, doll or otherwise, has a human side that gets revealed a little bit more in each episode.  Topher, for example, is moving from an amoral creep to an amoral creep with a sad, pathetic, lovable nerd inside.  Plus, he has great taste in fashion.

Anyway, the point is that you should watch Dollhouse!  It is an excellent show and well worth an hour a week of your time.