The Hunt For Gollum is nothing short of genius.  While I am as big a fan of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy as the next geek, I am, quite possibly, more of a fan of independent cinema, fan films, and internet film.  The Hunt For Gollum is all of the above – made by fans for fans.  In the fine “tradition” of web films like the excellent film Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and the just-plain-appealing series The Guild, The Hunt For Gollum takes a crazy idea and turns it into reality for as little money as possible.  Huh, that sounds dirty.

Anyway, The Hunt For Gollum is really kinda hard to review or critique in-depth since it’s not yet available and the trailer keeps having “technical difficulties,” but I did manage to find this YouTube version of the trailer.  My response – I am utterly, completely blown away.  There simply aren’t words to describe it.  The film is only 40 minutes (no small achievement for an indie film), but it looks like they have the makings of a serious web craze (assuming their servers can survive the traffic).  Publicity from NPR (trailer included) can’t hurt either, and there is already quite the buzz out there about this film.  Again, I have only a three-minute trailer on which to base my assertions here, but I am quite hopeful based upon what I’ve seen.  Editing looks clean and at least somewhat professional, the actors don’t look like pieces of dead wood (though they clearly sought for a resemblance to the film series’ actors), and the props and costumes are excellent.

Now, if only they make the rest of the trilogy and keep the Scouring of the Shire…