One of my great obsessions would have to be roleplaying games.  I love them, especially Dungeons & Dragons and the Star Wars RPG.  Ever since I started playing D&D in 7th grade, I have almost always been the Dungeon Master.  I love to create, write, and act out the environment around the players.  Recently, I have become interested in the world-building aspects of D&D, and have been working on a campaign setting or two of my own.  My current project, Thelenia, can be seen in bits and pieces, wiki style, over at Obsidian Portal.  It has moved through stages, and I’m hoping to find just the right blend of high fantasy and post-apocalyptic insanity.  It’s a fine line…wi

Recently, an idea came to me in a dream (strange, I know, but I swear I’m not crazy!) and I have been working to flesh it out and put it together.  Over the summer I will be creating the system and setting for the project I am currently calling Pandemonium.  The basic premise is that a cataclysmic event caused ancient powers around the world to resurface and assert control.  The idea came from AeschylusEumenides, in which the Furies agree to lie dormant beneath Athens until the system of trial by jury ceases to work.  In my world, the Furies were awakened by an as yet undetermined event.  Then, a rogue nation shot a missile at Athens, which they were ravaging at the time.  The Furies were unharmed, but Athens was devastated and, in their rage, the Furies awoke the primal forces of Earth.

Now, technology and magic vie for supremacy in different regions of the world, each with its own preference based upon the regional power.  Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, for example, rely mostly on magic and are ruled by the vampires (Bram Stoker‘s vampires, not some ridiculous sparkly twits from certain popular fantasy novels).  The East Coast of the former United States is the Lovecraftian Zone in which Cthulhu and other aberrations terrorize the populace.  Some Asian nations have developed far superior technology, but must import the resources for production from Russia.  Canada remains the last bastion of civilization, and suddenly everyone is very glad that it has miles and miles of boundless wilderness.

The basic tone for the setting is post-apocalyptic, with devastation and lack all around.  People lack for everything – supplies, shelter, government, and safety.  Some regions are more stable and offer almost-normal life, while in others each day is a new fight for survival.  Neither technology nor magic has the upper hand, and traveling characters pick up some skills in both.  Technology may be advanced, but new stuff isn’t always available or cheap, and most often people must make do with what they can scrounge.

So, there’s my summary of my upcoming RPG stuff.  I’m also hoping to submit some OGL stuff to the Grand OGL Wiki for the DM Sketchpad.  If you haven’t checked it out, do so now.  I highly recommend the monthly PDF compilation – it is neat, concise, and very useful.  In the mean time, check me out at Obsidian Portal and enjoy my webcomic offerings.

PS I posted a new comic today!