Among other things I’d like to pursue some real site design.  That will mean getting to grips with HTML, CSS, and probably some Python.  I was recently perusing Laughing Squid and was quite impressed by the site design and logo.  I’d love to have something that classy, but I’ll just have to settle for whatever my modest genius is able to whip up and perfect in Photoshop.  Once I am off for the summer (starting Sunday) I intend to actually stick to a weekly schedule for comics.  Possibly even twice weekly if I get really ahead some weeks.  I will have a real job, but that should not preclude frivolity such as shackling myself to my desk until I’ve drawn a comic each weekend.

In other news, I also plan to think more about what exactly I want to do with Creative Anomalies and Creatively Anomalous.  I’d love to write, direct, shoot, edit, and star in my own web series, and so that may be just what I do (at least until I max out my site storage).  Because of my love of indie media and web series I hope to start a new venture –!  The site will be dedicated to hosting indie media of all kinds to promote a healthy creative environment for all, regardless of funding and time commitment.  Of course, file hosting requires server space, something that I lack an excess of at present.  Guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Savage Worlds has arrived at the campus post office, but I am not allowed to open it until I get home Sunday, just to ensure that I continue working hard.  For now, I shall go to sleep.  Tomorrow, we shall see…