In case you didn’t already know, Summer Glau trained as a classical ballet dancer until an ankle injury turned her towards acting.  No, that’s not really news.  But nonetheless I am excited that two of my favorite things in all the world are so united.  What are those two favorite things, you ask?  Well, one of them is ballet.  But Summer Glau is not the other – rather, she is part of a larger love of mine.  That is to say, geeky people.  Ms. Glau is emblematic of all of the awesomeness of geekery.  She is smart, sexy, capable, and has acted in Angel, Firefly, and TSCC!  At the same time, she is a dancer, and quite a good one.  I am glad that we’ve been able to see her acting talents, but I wish I had been able to see what she would have been like as a professional dancer.  The basic point I’m trying to make is that Summer Glau unites geekery and dance in a very profound way.  Photos from a shoot she did recently show off her ballet abilities, but it is scenes like those from Waiting in the Wings (Angel), The Demon Hand (TSCC), and Serenity that put those abilities on display in sci-fi settings.  I really think there is nothing cooler.

Summer Glau: Ballerina

If this photo belongs to you, let me know so that I can credit you.

Incidentally, I would give my right hand to be able to take class with Summer Glau.  It would be like dancing with River Tam, Cameron, and just-plain-awesome Summer Glau all at once.  Talk about a transcendental (and potentially fatal, if true to form) experience.