Chatty DM‘s One Page Dungeon Contest ended a week or so ago, and I finally decided that I should post my entry here (Dropbox) and here (Scribd).  The finish isn’t perfect (or even terribly good), but I was more concerned with content.  I hope to get around to polishing the dungeon and making it considerably prettier, but I think it’s a start.

The basic idea for the dungeon was to use some sort of underground complex (classic) with undead creatures (classic) and to make it a generally good old time.  For a little flavor I added my own creature – brain slugs.  Similar to the big bad evil aliens from the Animorphs series, the brain slugs are parasites that feed off the brains of their hosts and eventually turn them into zombies without the aid of a necromancer.  Except, of course, in the creation of the brain slugs.  Perfect for any undead game needing (more) insidious, brain-sucking creatures that produce lots and lots of zombies.

A PDF of the dungeon is available here through Dropbox (speaking of which, many thanks to Dropbox for continuing to provide a free, limited service).  If you like it, let me know.  If you don’t, still let me know.  If you use it, definitely let me know.  As always, my content is released under a Creative Commons license – feel free to use, distribute, and modify it to your heart’s content.  Please just mention me (or the site) and make it available to others to do with as you have done with it.

Ahem.  Enough moralizing.  Go play games!

Update: I also uploaded my entry to Scribd, a handy document hosting service that anyone can use.  To download it you’ll need a Scribd login, but you can always sign in with OpenID.  Enjoy!