My review of Mythic Design‘s Adventure Art Issue #1:

Mythic Design’s Adventure Art Issue #1 is a neat concept with polished execution.  The idea of a PDF or print copy of inspirational fantasy art is probably not a first, but it certainly was the first that I’d heard of it.  In retrospect, of course, it makes perfect sense – one of the first things that I check for in any RPG book that I buy is any illustrations that fire my imagination.  Adventure Art uses great art with a short hook for each character concept to provide both GMs and players with a quick NPC, character base, or simple visual.

The art and execution of Adventure Art are both top-notch.  I would have no hesitation about using them to inspire NPCs, encounters, or even whole adventures.  The sparse use of details for each concept prevent the GM from being constrained, but they are also the product’s only real weakness – without a more detailed concept from the author it can be easy to forget the potential that each character and illustration has.  With the open possibilities in mind, however, Adventure Art becomes a powerful tool that any GM can use in a fantasy game.