I am now in the process of applying to join the RPG Bloggers Network.  If you play RPGs of any kind and have yet to come across it, I strongly recommend that you do so.  Bloggers of all kinds contribute articles on all sorts of RPGs that are both helpful and interesting (for the most part).  Lately I have been posting about assorted RPG topics, so I figured I might as well see if they’d like to include my RPG-related posts in their gigantic firehose of a stream.  We’ll hear back in a few days.

On a related note, the One Page Dungeon Contest winners are being announced tomorrow.  I doubt that I will win anything given the strong pool of contenders, but it was a great experience to write my entry anyway and I think that the entire community will benefit from the contest.  Seriously, check out all the entries on Wednesday and give the entrants and winners the recognition they deserve for creating some first-class material.

Update 7/7/09: I have been accepted to the RPG Bloggers Network!  You can now find my posts there.  I’d do a post to announce it, but that somehow feels unnecessary.  Let’s just leave it at that…