Or, The Bookstore With Maps Of The Premises So As Not To Lose Customers.  Literally.

If you live in southeastern PA and have never been to Baldwin’s Book Barn then you are really missing out.  The proprietors converted the 4-story barn into a vault of used books and maps.  It is a great place to find obscure or random books of all kinds, especially hardbacks.  They have plenty of mainstream books, but the real gems are to be found in the least expected places.  I visited today for the first time and was astounded by the sheer size of the place.  The books come in all shapes and kinds, including rare and custom sets.  Some of the books can be quite expensive (leather-bound sets of thirty or more) while others are very affordable (recent hardbacks for half the list price).  Seeing is believing.

And yes, they really do have maps for customers.