Here is my contribution to this month’s RPG Carnival.  I thought I’d write a bit about my experiences with D&D and what the game has given me.  I think that one excerpt from my past best sums it up, and so here it is for all to read.

RPGBlogCarnivalLogocopyAll throughout my childhood I had read about Dungeons and Dragons, mostly in the giant volumes of Foxtrot that I spent many happy hours paging through at my friend Dave’s house.  Anyway, Dave and I were hanging out one fine summer afternoon between 7th and 8th grade.  We were at a loss as to what we should be doing for the remainder of the evening.  One of us, probably me, had been recently reading a series of strips in which Jason and Marcus were playing out a couple of D&D adventures.  Naturally, I suggested that we try it ourselves.

I sent my sainted mother to the nearest gaming store to pick up the D&D 3rd Edition boxed set.  Dave and I immediately set to, tearing through the first three adventures that night.  We each got to pick two characters and then alternated being the DM or the player.  Our party consisted of Jozan the cleric, Regdar the fighter, Tordek the fighter, and whoever the human rogue was.  No wizard, since neither of us thought the wizards could survive very long (and we were probably right).  A week or two later we met again to finish the series, ending with a climactic fight against a young red dragon in the dwarven mines.

In many ways, that first boxed set launched me into a completely new world.  Roleplaying games have provided me with endless hours of entertainment (and ways to spend my money) ever since.  D&D in particular has had the greatest effect, since I have been playing for nine years now.  My first experiences with Dungeon Mastering taught me how much fun it could be to tell stories, and how to tell a good one.  Now I’m working on a publishable campaign setting and expanding into other game systems, but D&D was and will remain my first gaming love.