I have a number of projects currently in the works, and I hope to be able to bring some of them to you here.  Soon.  I promise.  Here’s what’s going on at Creative Anomalies:

  • A new comic schedule and a buffer of new comics
  • A new comic THIS WEEK
  • A new site theme

And at Creatively Anomalous:

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer Savage Worlds fan conversion
    • Need to get permission from the rights holders to publish this
  • Apocalypticon campaign setting
    • A Savage Worlds Savage Setting published under a fan license
  • Thelenia campaign setting
    • A D&D campaign setting published under the OGL or Creative Commons if I eliminate any remotely proprietary material and any references to the D&D system
  • Some short works of fiction

All of the above will be available as a free download to you, the public.  It will most likely be in PDF format, though I will probably add .doc and/or .html files so that you can edit and change it to your collective heart’s desire.  I hope that you will use and abuse it, and send/post feedback.  My plan is to get the basics for all of my blogging items posted some time in August, if not sooner.  The fiction will be posted as it comes, and I hope it will be somewhat regular.  And with that I return to my normal workday…

Update 7/14/09: I will also be writing some tips for Johnn Four’s excellent e-zine Roleplaying Tips.  My tips will appear in August.  I highly recommend signing up for the e-zine (it’s free) and checking out the website, if you haven’t already.  Excellent tips for all systems.