In December of last year, a good friend introduced me to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Until that point, I had mocked Buffy and its fans pretty mercilessly, purely because I had never seen it.  That first episode opened my eyes, and now I have become a preacher of Buffy in all its glory.  A few days ago, I finally finished the series.  Well, mostly.  I’ve still got half of Season 2 to finish since I had to skip in when my friend wanted to keep going from Season 3.  Never fear, in two weeks I will have a whole week in which to finish the series for real.

Having finished Buffy, I’m inclined to look back on the last few months with fondness and some sadness.  Buffy took up a great deal of my spare time while we raced through season after season.  We saw friends come and go, and more than one attempted apocalypse.  Buffy was about more than rollicking good fun in the end.  It was about independence, maturity, fellowship, and rollicking good fun.  And seriously, did anyone start watching it for anything other than rollicking good fun?  I hate spoilers, and so there shall be none here, but the finale, for once, did a good job.  Rarely have I seen a truly good series finale, but Buffy makes the list.  Heck, I’m already to start re-watching the show!  Before that, though, there must be others.  Angel, Castle, and Eureka to name but a few.  In the end, though, I shall return to Buffy for more of its rollicking good fun.