I received Corel Painter Essentials 4 with my Wacom tablet back in January but couldn’t really get the hang of it.  After reading through the Lovelace and Babbage comics at 2D Goggles (love those, by the way – you should read them!), though, I decided to give it another go.  I spent a few hours today screwing around with it, and the results may be seen over at Creative Anomalies.  Overall, I think the interface is more intuitive than Photoshop Elements 6, probably because it really stands on its own much better than Elements.  The brush set is more expansive out of the box, but it’s more difficult to add them later on.  One thing I especially like is that Painter is a little more focused on, well, painting.  Thus, the painting tools are simpler and more powerful than in Photoshop (again, this is Elements, not the full suite).  All in all, a great program that has become my new favorite drawing program.  Tomorrow I shall continue these experiments and will try to whip up something RPG-related just for kicks and giggles.