First, I apologize for the following ramblings.  Second, I apologize for limited posting of any kind on any of my sites or networks for the next two weeks or so.  I moved into my new room on Sunday and am now deep in the throes of Resident Assistant training.  While generally enjoyable, the training is a significant time commitment.  To top it all off, the internet can be kinda funky before the school year starts.  I hope that ITS is working on it even now, at 1:00am…

My Room

And now, a few items to share with the public.

  1. I have begun to work on the script for the pilot of Apocalypticon, the television show I am developing with two of my closest friends.  We have a solid, lengthy concept written out and I have started on the bare bones of the first few episodes.  My co-writers have already planned for the first four or five seasons.  To be honest, I never even considered that this idea might come this far.  Nonetheless, here we are.  We hope to make this show a reality at some point in the near future, and will keep all the dear readers here duly informed.
  2. I have also begun to work on a short science fiction story that I feel is one of my best and most natural pieces of writing yet.  I continue to work on Enterprise, my steampunk story that is a very close second behind the new (unnamed) story.  Enterprise is one that I feel a little more connection with, but I think that my slight remove from the new story will allow me to write it a little more easily.  The link above will take you to what I have written of the story thus far.  It is published using Google Doc’s built-in web page feature, so I apologize for the formatting.

And that concludes these announcements.  Please exit the theater using the lighted, marked paths or by following the trail of blood left by the undead ushers.  Please don’t feed the zombies, and have a safe and pleasant trip home.  Do come again!