What the hell is CoRCoD, you ask?  And why the hell is it at some place called 1KM1KT?  Well, I’ll tell you!

CoRCoD is the short version of the free, Creative Commons-licensed dieselpunk/pulp/noir City of Rain, City of Darkness setting that I posted here recently.  And 1KM1KT stands for 1 Million Monkeys 1 Million Typewriters, a place where free RPGs are hosted (with any luck, in perpetuity).  I added CoRCoD to the community to ensure that it will continue to be available to anyone who wants it, regardless of the status of this site.  I strongly encourage all to check out what they host, since there are some real gems there.  And it’s all free, so trying out something new is fast and easy.  Heck, so is adding something!  The more people who join up the better, so go ahead and submit your RPG/setting.

City of Rain, City of Darkness may be found here at 1KM1KT.