I recently finished my first three-pack of Moleskine Cahiers Journals.  Naturally, my first instinct was to order three three-packs of Field Notes (and a package of Field Notes clicky pens) to try out.  I am now in an awkward place where I have a much thicker Moleskine journal and a little Field Notes notebook that I take with me at all times.  Each notebook has a specific pen, too, so that I have just the right implement for the task.

I love both my Field Notes and my Moleskines, though each serves a specific purpose.  Field Notes are more along the lines of my maker’s notebook, while Moleskines handle day-to-day affairs and creative inspirations.  For example, my Moleskine contains to do lists, but in Field Notes I plan the upcoming Apocalypse Preparedness Workshop.  I only use black gel ink (like Pilot Precise V5s) in my Moleskines, while black Bics or Field Notes clicky pens have the Field Notes covered.  My Moleskine goes well with just about any article of clothing and can be dressed up, while Field Notes work perfectly with my field engineer’s bag and my dressy casual wear.

The point of all this is that one needs the right notebook and right pen for the right job, so it is quite natural to have one for each specific purpose.  Two is my max, though, since otherwise I get caught up in determining which notebook to use and ignoring my inspiration.  Both Moleskine and Field Notes are excellent – go try ’em out and see what purpose each may serve for you.