Update 9/11/09: We are doing Outrage!  It promises to be a very exciting challenge, with an emphasis on the word “challenge.”

At the end of last year, I joined the Swarthmore Drama Board.  I was inspired to do so because of my experience TDing 12 Angry Men.  Now, I have attended two Drama Board meetings and am helping to get new productions off the ground.  Quite a far cry from my total lack of theater experience as of one year ago.

At the moment I am sitting in the Lang Music Building’s lobby attempting to conduct interviews for my friends’ production of Twelfth Night.  I am here in my capacity as the Drama Board Liaison, responsible for ensuring that interviews (not auditions, mind you) are free and open.  I am much like an EOO, but without any direct power.  Except power over funding.  Heh heh.

Later this week, I am also helping to hold an interest meeting for the One Act Play Festival, as well as the 24 Hour Design Festival.  And the casting for the mainstage show, which is either Outrage or Orson’s Shadow.  It all depends on the set designer.  Both will be very intriguing, and I am excited to TD/PM once more for Dustin.  I hope to provide photos of the build in about a month…