This week is Small Press Week at the RPG Bloggers Network, so I decided to interview Steve Russell of Rite Publishing.  Small presses make great products but never get enough love.  As such, it’s often difficult for them to work on large, risky projects.  Rite Publishing works on the patronage system, similar to Wolfgang Baur’s Open Design project.  Customers pay a fee to be involved in a project from the ground up.  Depending on their level of subscription they get different privileges that often include beta access, direct input on the design of the project, early artwork, and PDF or print copies of the project.

I love small presses, and Rite Publishing is no different.  They offer a good-size range of products given that they are all freelancers with day jobs who work on a project-by-project basis.  Over the week I’ll be featuring Rite Publishing’s projects in a series of posts.  Tomorrow I will post my review of The Hero’s Bastard, a Pathfinder RPG supplement.  Shortly after that will be an interview with Steve Russell, and later I’ll focus on The Breaking of Forstor Nagar, a patronage project currently seeking members (and there might just be a patronage discount for my readers…).

I’ll be honest – I’m a fan of these guys.  If it seems like I want you to buy their products, it’s because I do!  However, I would never endorse a product that I did not believe was worth it and I pledge to give you, my trusted readers, my honest evaluation of their products.  I want to endorse Rite Publishing because they are what a company should be – they are all about the customer experience.  I have been nothing but satisfied by my purchases from them so far, and I hope to enjoy their products for years to come.

So, now you know what’s coming up this week.  Stay tuned, and in the mean time good gaming!