The following is a campaign seed that occurred to me earlier today while chatting with a friend.  I hope to make it a reality and give it a try using the Star Wars RPG Saga Edition rules, though Savage Worlds might do well enough if the gaming group prefers.

Many beings in the galaxy are familiar with the ghost stories of the Katana Fleet.  In short, the Katana Fleet was assembled as an attempt to return to the times of old when the Republic Navy was the mightiest force in the galaxy.  All 200 Dreadnoughts were slaved together to minimize the required crew and jumped into hyperspace on an unknown route, complete with crew, when the crew of the lead Dreadnought, also called the Katana, fell prey to some sort of space madness.

According to canon, the fleet was rediscovered by notorious smuggler Talon Karrde and his employer at the time.  It remained a secret for years until Grand Admiral Thrawn became aware of its presence and a vicious battle was fought between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic over control of the massive fleet.  While old, they were in prime condition and still a VERY large force to be reckoned with.  No one knows what happened to the crew, though…

But suppose, just suppose, that one Dreadnought fell through the cracks when its slave circuits became corrupted and is still drifting in space.  The time can be before or after the discovery of the rest of the fleet, making it a very valuable prize either way.  The PCs are a group of salvagers or scavengers, cruising the Black in a barely operational (or stolen and repurposed) ship while trying to make a living off the leavings of others.  Or maybe they’re just plain pirates.

Either way, they just happen to bump into Mystic, the lost Katana Dreadnought.  Like the others, it is in perfect condition and completely empty.  Or is it?  There is a single ship docked to the exterior of the Mystic, but scans reveal no life forms.

The party must proceed by exploring the ship and determining the fate of both the original crew and that of the docked ship.  No one appears to have left by the same means by which they arrive on the ship, so either there are more players in the game or something very deadly is loose.

An entire campaign can be centered around the ship.  It’s quite large, and so should take some time to explore, especially if the party uses caution.  Some of the internal systems may be offline in some parts of the ship, requiring skill challenges to fix.  And of course, there is something deadly lurking on board.  Zombies, aliens, zombie aliens, killer robots, Reavers, or just plain crazy people all fit pretty well and make for a very exciting game.  Go to it!