Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people who don’t identify with a particular gender or sexual label – I am before you today to inform you all of an upcoming project of mine.  I intend, with the help of a few good pens and pencils, some graph paper, a sturdy text editor, and (with a good amount of luck) some friends, to make a megadungeon and post it bit by bit here.

There has been a lot of talk about megadungeons amongst RPG bloggers of late.  This is not really related to any of the discussion of the theory of megadungeons.  This is all about having a good time and creating a kickass playground.

What I must first decide is whether I want to do a fantasy (read: D&D) megadungeon or a modern/sci-fi (read: Savage Worlds) megadungeon.  If I do a fantasy project it will be boatloads of fun and not confined to a particular setting, though it will likely be fairly edition specific with notes for alternative editions added.  If I do a modern/sci-fi project it will also be boatloads of fun but it will be centered around an urban dungeon of sorts – no mummies here.

Since I haven’t played nearly enough D&D of late I am leaning towards a fantasy megadungeon, but I shall continue to update you all on my progress going forward.  Later today or tomorrow I’ll post my initial thoughts.  I’d love to include maps and sketches, but I’ll have to sort out the scanner issue first…