Last weekend I had the good fortune to be able to finally play Savage Worlds with some friends.  We played through The Order of St. Ossus, a one-shot that I crafted to introduce others to Apocalypticon, my post-apocalyptic Earth setting.  I had created five pregenerated characters, though we ended up with six players so one had to quickly roll up a new one.

The group started out in Marseilles and ultimately decided to make their way to Rome by train.  They stole a set of identification papers from a travelling German diplomat, who was thrown off the train at the first checkpoint.  They gleefully continued, making it through all the checkpoints into Rome itself.  Once in Rome, they used a combination of GPS and a stolen map to find the Vatican, survive gun battles in the streets, and make it to the Monastery of St. Ossus.  Once there, they forced, charmed, and stealthed their way inside, where they did all kinds of murderous mayhem, stole the Reliquary of St. Ossus, and barely escaped with their lives.

Actually, they were pretty much okay most of the time.  The most exciting bit was when they escaped in the flaming truck that they used to batter down the Monastery’s doors and squealed through the streets of Rome, ramping off a pile of stuff piled on the dock to land dramatically on the deck of the escape freighter that was, even now, pulling away since they were late to the rendezvous.

Great fun was had by all, and it was a great introduction to Savage Worlds.  We hope to meet again soon, and I shall, of course, provide further updates.