John Miller is a space commando built in the Free FATE system.  His weapons are from Halo 3: ODST and his concept is inspired in no small part by that game.  I’ve never tried FATE or any derivative thereof before, but I really liked the rules as I read through them and character creation was an enjoyable breeze.  One needs to have a very strong character concept in mind to make it really work, but it seems like FATE works well enough for just about any setting.
Name: John Miller
Concept: a lone wolf space commando
  • Never without his silenced M6S
  • Doesn’t play well with others
  • Haunted by the death of his squad
  • Favors a stealthy approach followed by brute force
  • Has never had a romantic relationship
  • “I work alone, and I get results”
  • Great
    • Guns
  • Good
    • Stealth
    • Endurance
  • Fair
    • Burglary
    • Alertness
    • Athletics
  • Average
    • Survival
    • Resolve
    • Intimidation
    • Weapons
  • Boom!  Headshot!
    • +2 bonus to Guns Skill Testswhen using a weapon’s scope or aiming for at least one action
  • Stealth Weaponry
    • +1 bonus to Guns Skill Tests when using an M6S, Suppressed M7, or sniper rifle
  • “Tell me what you know.  Now.”
    • John may substitute Intimidation for Investigation when interrogating a person of interest so long as he is carrying a visible weapon of some kind and is not in the presence of other law enforcement officers.
  • The Drop
    • By spending 1 Fate Point, John may act first in any conflict.
  • Seven boxes
  • M6S
  • Suppressed SMG
    • Knife
    • Assault Vest
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