Well, it appears that some kind soul decided to nominate some of my ramblings here for the Open Game Table Vol.2!  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s the short version: it’s a giant anthology of the best blog posts in the online RPG community.  Vol.1 was amazing and available in print and PDF.  I got the PDF, and I cannot believe how useful it is.  Regardless of what kind of game you play, the Open Game Table has something for you (and is available at your FLGS, Amazon, or Drive Thru RPG.  Jonathon Jacobs of The Core Mechanic masterminded the first volume and will do so again for the second.  Bravo, sir, and well done!

This time around, there were almost three times as many submissions!As I mentioned, someone out there nominated a few of my items for this anthology.  By a few, I mean seven.  I admit to having nominated several myself, but at least two were nominated that I had not contributed myself.  To whomever nominated mine: thank you!  That kind of feedback is both rewarding and an indication that I’m doing something right, and I appreciate it.  I wish the reviewers and editors the best of luck, since they’ve got quite a lot on their collective plate, and I cannot wait for the new edition.  With luck, something I wrote will make it in, but if not it will only be because there was something better and what’s wrong with that?

In case you’re curious, here are my posts that were nominated for Vol.2: