Idea the First: I was considering crossbows and their mechanics while in seminar today, and it occurred to me that what a range increment represents is your ability to hit a given target with different levels of accuracy.  So, your range increment should increase if you can find a way to reduce the noise in your aiming mechanism.  The long and short of it is that a crossbow bipod makes a lot of sense.  No reason you can’t use it to stabilize your crossbow and add 10′ to your range increment.  The caveat, of course, is that you must have something to rest it on, so you must be prone or near a steady object of appropriate height.  All of my future D&D/Pathfinder games will include bipods, since I’ve always felt that crossbows don’t get enough love.

Idea the Second: Psi Phi will be hosting our semesterly Cookies ‘N’ Characters on Sunday, and I’ll be running either a Pathfinder adventure or a Shambles one-shot.  Can’t decide which, so I’ll bring both to the event and let the players decide which they want.  I’m going to have a lot of fun working up a Shambles adventure I think I’m going to call “Stacy’s Mom.”  Yeah, that’s right.  It’s gonna be crazy.