Electronic music interests me.  It is an exciting art form and it’s a lot of fun to play around with.  For a while now I’ve been looking for a way to try it myself, especially on a platform like my iPod.  I’ve tried GarageBand, but it’s almost too feature-rich.  It’s just kinda hard to get into using the controls and making anything new.  The samples are great, of course, but the synths don’t work as easily as I’d like.

Anyway, I was on my morning Twitter cruise this morning when I spied a tweet from Doctor Popular, a comic/music/yoyo extraordinaire and all-around awesome dude, about Nanoloop.  I thought to myself, “Gee!  Doc Pop always tweets such cool stuff, I’ll have to check it out.  He’s even suggested a track swap, so it must be musical.  And sure enough, I found something that sent shivers up and down my spine.

Nanoloop is nothing short of awesome.  The interface is minimalist grays and whites (which is somewhat annoying outdoors or in bright sun, but indoors it looks great) and the functionality is superb.  It’s pretty easy to start setting up some simple loops using the synths and samples provided.  You can change pitch, volume, tempo, and which sounds you want to use.  If you have a microphone (or an iPhone), you can record new samples to use.  When you’re done, or just have to get up and go to class, you can save or email your tracks.  I’ve already swapped tracks with Doc Pop, which really just adds to the fun.  I think that even serious musicians with more skill and needs than I will find a use for Nanoloop.

Interested in joining the track swap?  Send me yours at will @ creativeanomalies . com and I’ll reciprocate.