Well, none of my posts made the final cut.  While I am obviously saddened, I am also heartened by the knowledge that the pieces selected are of the highest quality.  I should know, since I was one of the peer reviewers and read a good chunk of the nominated posts.  I remain excited for the new volume, and I certainly plan to buy it as soon as it’s available.  If you haven’t had a chance to peruse the OGT v1, do so now!  I promise that v2 will be even better.

I’d also like to mention one of the blogs that really piqued my interest during the review process: Gnome Stew.  I’m sure they’re nothing new to many of you, but I only just discovered them through the OGT.  Their posts tend to be top quality and give some of the best free RPG advice I’ve seen outside of the Roleplaying Tips E-Zine.  They’re going to have something in OGT v2, so I wait with bated breath and hope it’s one of the really awesome pieces I read in February.  Go check ’em out!