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The following are some of my brainstormings bits and pieces that I came up with recently.  I’ve been thinking about how to customize some of the basic elements of my campaign world, inspired by some reading I’ve done on Tolkien’s creative process.  A recent lecture by Tom Shippey made me think about how Tolkien really built his world from the ground up, but it was constructed in such a way as to make the worldbuilding invisible.  An article in the Kobold Guide to Game Design pushed me further along that line of thinking, and so I decided to start with racial origins and go from there.

  • Elves and halflings share a common ancestor
  • The elves were once immortal and stood apart from the lesser races. For their arrogance they were cast down and now must live amongst the mortals.
  • Most elves live a modest life and worship the gods.
    • There is a sect that, while they don’t disbelieve the gods, does deny their power over mortals. They seek to return the elves to their former place of glory.
  • The elves and halflings get along well, largely because the elves usually keep to the forests while the halflings are plainsfolk.
  • Dwarves, gnomes, and goblinoids are all distantly related. Dwarves and gnomes have an uneasy peace, because they step on each other’s toes geographically, but the goblinoids just bother everyone.
    • Hobgoblins arrived via interbreeding between humans and goblinoids, and they are considered the most civilized.
  • The dwarves and gnomes divided their territories between the two. Dwarves live beneath the mountains, while the gnomes live above them and in the foothills.
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