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Every now and then I like to write about neat stuff I find.  This is one of those times.

I love comics.  I always have.  There’s something about a visual story that captures my imagination.  When I was younger I drew comics pretty much all the time.  Usually I’d get bored of each project after drawing a character or two, but occasionally I got a few pages done.  I still draw a lot, and sometimes I draw mini comics or make a stab at a script for something bigger.

Anyway, I also love to read comics (just ask the giant box in my room, or the teetering stack of Archies on my bookcase).  Lately there hasn’t been as much time for reading in general and comics in particular, especially because most libraries don’t stock many and there isn’t a comic book store within miles of my town.  Things are changing, though, and even my college’s library has a decent collection of comics in all shapes and sizes.  It’s unclear whether you can check them out, though, and who has time to spend an afternoon reading for fun anyway?

The other day I found Robot Comics, and now my ability to read comics has changed completely.  I’ve been a devotee of web comics for a while, but Robot Comics optimizes web and print comics for the iPod (or other mobile device) way better than any website or PDF.  It even shakes the panels when there’s a BOOM! on screen!  I love Robot Comics since I’ve always got my iPod, and now I can get my comics delivered straight to it.  The catalog isn’t huge, but most of the comics offer a free introductory issue that lets you explore before buying.  The apps are simple and functional (one app per title), and it’s really nice to find neat, new comics out there.  Another cool thing is that the developer(s) listen to fans and are happy to have a conversation.  Talk about awesome.

In other news, I was the party DJ at Psi Phi’s annual root beer kegger last night.  As with most college DJs, I just put together a playlist in iTunes and let it work its magic. I threw in a couple of tracks from the 8bitSF March sampler, and they were by far the most popular tracks of the evening.  I think the top artist was crashfaster – Lady Gaga has nothing on this guy.  If you like chiptunes, be sure to check ’em out.

Finally, I’d like to talk a little bit about my Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pen.  I’ve never used a fountain pen before, so I couldn’t resist when I saw it in the bookstore.  I’ve generally been a fan of other Pilot pens (G2, anyone?), so I had a healthy amount of excitement for this new implement.  I carefully wrote a few lines in my blue Moleskine journal and was very impressed.  The ink flow is smooth and the pen glides nicely across the paper.  There is very little snagging or clotting, and the pen has a good weight.  The ink doesn’t bleed through standard Moleskine paper, which is a must for my pens.  It writes somewhat less well on a Post-it, but for $3.25 I am more than pleased.

And that concludes my cool stuff for today.

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