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Every so often, there comes a time when gamers or time are not plentiful, and that time is known as a gaming drought.  I happen to be in a bit of a gaming drought at the moment, in fact.  Such droughts occur for me at the start of every school year.  I run a one shot or two, but for the most part I have to sit the gaming scene out.  Why?  Mostly because there just isn’t time.  Plenty of my friends and classmates find the time, but it is rare for me.  But the subject of this post is about surviving a drought, not how one comes to be.  So, read on, dear friends!

How do I survive?  I have developed several strategies that help me deal.  First, I play the aforementioned occasional one shots.  A little bit of gaming here and there is far better than no gaming at all, and they are easy to organize and fun to play.  Second, I read a lot.  My iPod Touch and my computer are almost always with me, so I read a lot of blogs and PDFs.  It’s also easy to carry around a game manual and reread it for inspiration.  I rarely have time to read whole books during the year, but I try as often as I can.  Third, I write and blog.  I love creating stuff, so I use this blog and my multitude of notebooks to brainstorm and craft worlds, people, and game mechanics pretty much every day for a few minutes.  It’s a good exercise that keeps me creative and on my toes.

And that’s pretty much it.  It sucks, not being able to game, but I find that long breaks leave me refreshed and ready for more gaming every single summer.  It does help avoid gamer fatigue, but it’s just not as satisfying.