It’s become a tradition that every summer I run (or play in) a D&D game of some sort.  This year I gathered a group of players who are almost entirely inexperienced in the ways of roleplaying games, save one who played with me the last two summers, and persuaded them to try out Pathfinder.  We had our first session on Thursday and…wow.  I can honestly say I’ve never played with a better group of gamers (not knocking my other groups, of course).  Despite the fact that char gen took almost two hours and exhausted us all more than a bit they dove right in and we ran an hour past our end time.

The party is composed of a half-elf cleric, a human monk, a half-elf rogue, and a halfling bard.  Each of these characters fits his/her player remarkably well, and they already have some mannerisms and nuances down that made them come alive after only a single line each (it helps that they’re actors).  I had previously decided to make the game roleplaying heavy, and my decision was proven to be a wise one.  We used a couple of dice rolls to accomplish some actions but they worked into the narrative quite seamlessly.

Our heroes arrived in Hightop Holdfast, a frontier city in the alpine region.  They responded to a work call by Master-at-Arms James Smith, in the service of Lady Blackthorn, the regional governor, and met while reading the work notice posted on the walls of the garrison keep.  The monk (nameless at present, since his player had to run early on and I took care of things for the rest of the session) did everything calmly and assuredly, while the young bard did everything in her power to annoy him.  She and the rogue quickly struck up a partnership in which the bard used her bardic music and the rogue picked the pockets of the gathering crowd.  The cleric and monk both disapproved, but luckily Master Smith arrived to entice them away with a job offer.  Just a simple scouting job…