Dearest readers, I thought it might be wise to advise you all that I have elected to participate in a OneBookShelf affiliate program that gives me access to review copies of more than a few products, as well as an affiliate link program for the store.  I’ve been a big fan the folks at DriveThruRPG ever since I started buying game PDFs, and I appreciate the way they have a healthy respect for their customers.  I also appreciate the opportunity they’ve given me to produce quality reviews for you folks.

Most of the time my reviews will just be posted on the relevant product page, but if there’s something I read that I really like I’ll be sure to post about it here, too.  This blog is meant for more than just reviews, however, so I’ll make sure it’s only the best reviews that get posted here.  I also promise not to change my approach to the stuff I blog about – my reviews will remain as impartial as ever!