Tonight I’ll be running our third session of Pathfinder.  The last two have been very well received, and my players have continued to exceed my expectations.  Rather than slaughter the goblins they discovered squatting in an abandoned farmhouse they fed the starving family and managed to glean some useful intelligence.  Thus far they have not entered into combat, but I find that likely to change in tonight’s session.

I’ve been thinking a great deal about the geography of the region in which this game takes place.  Prior to beginning play I had planned little more than that the city of Hightop Holdfast is in the mountains somewhere.  It’s a frontier of some sort, but who’s to say what it abuts?  I eventually decided that there was an apocalypse of sorts about a decade ago, and the city is on the edge of the remaining “civilized” lands.  Of course, it’s far from the core, which was left largely intact, so it is a bit out of the way.

After purchasing and reading through Kobold Quarterly‘s Imperial Gazetteer I decided to put Hightop Holdfast on the border of both no-man’s land and Doresh.  The city guards one of the passes over the mountains into Doresh as well as the Karaken mine.  This positioning makes the city somewhat important, but still remote enough to be considered exile for the governor, Lady Blackthorn.  The frontier positioning makes Hightop Holdfast ideal for traditional dungeon crawls as well as intrigue and political maneuvering.  Overall I’m quite happy with the way Hightop Holdfast has turned out, and I think it will make a nice playground for my gaming group.