Dear readers, I am gratified to see that some of you are sticking around.  The last few weeks have been rough.  First my site was borked when I tried to upgrade to WordPress 3.0.  Luckily, Dreamhost’s web panel contained the solution but this here site was down for an entire week.  In the future, my archives are backed up at my Posterous for public access in case something like that happens again.  After that business, my dad suffered a bike accident.  He’s completely recovered at this point, but it was a tad stressful.

After Dad recovered, I disappeared to the slightly-warmer-than-icy north of Acadia National Park for a week without the internet.  It was a delightful and restful time to be with my family, but my blogging has suffered.  I managed to read almost a book a day (Neal Stephenson‘s The Diamond Age and Neil Gaiman‘s Smoke and Mirrors being my favorites, with Scott McCloud’s Making Comics a close second) and did a bit of writing in my spare time.  Oh, and I rode my bike, hiked a few mountains, and went sea kayaking.  Not bad for one week.

Now I’m back, and I intend to be blogging with a vengeance.  The fine folks at OneBookShelf have hooked me up with some great review products that I’ll be writing about for all of you, as well as some freebies that I’ll offer out to my loyal readers.  Yes, you skulking in the corner.  The last few weeks have been very productive on paper, at least, so I have some fiction and poetry, campaign updates, and general material for your use set up.

One last thing.  The Open Game Table Vol. 2 is almost ready to go out to the public.  Jonathon Jacobs deserves a major round of applause for all the work he’s done to bring it together.  Also deserving of praise are the sponsors, especially Obsidian Portal for their undying support of the hobby.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you play RPGs or GM RPGs and are not using Obsidian Portal then you should stop reading right now and sign up.  Full disclosure: I just received a free 6-month Ascendant membership because of my peer reviewer role for the OGT, but my position here has been consistent.  Obsidian Portal is the best at what they do, hands down, and on top of that they are just a great team.  Micah Wedemeyer, the driving force behind Obsidian Portal, has also offered to do an interview and I fully intend to take him up on the offer later this week.

In short, I’ve got some great material coming up for all of you.  I hope you enjoy it, and spend some time gaming in the meanwhile.  I know I will.

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