There has been a lot of really awesome stuff going on lately, much of it gaming related, and I thought I’d share it with the lovely readers.  For one thing, I found a couple of jobs that I’d really like to have after school, so I’m going to be posting some cover letters and resumes this week.  For another, I got to have free French toast on Saturday morning when my parents visited.

When I checked my mail yesterday I discovered that I had a copy of the new destination unknown fanzine waiting for me.  I was super excited to get it, and Christian didn’t disappoint.  I’ve submitted a column to him for the next zine, and I can’t wait to see the other submissions.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, destination unknown is one of my favorite blogs on the RPG circuit and you should be reading it.

The other day, while watching Jekyll, I felt inspired and made a comic on a single sheet of paper.  I folded it over twice to make four pages.  I call it TIME.  You can call it whatever you want.  I’ll be posting it tomorrow under a CC license once I get a clean(er) scan.  In the mean time, I’m intrigued by the way Chris Nolan constructed Inception in a film and am curious if I can break similar boundaries/conventions in comics.  Prototyping has commenced.

Also on the creative front, I have been in a writing mood.  I’m writing a military sci-fi story in someone else’s playground, but I’m not saying which.  I’m also working on some short stories and may even take another stab at submitting stuff to Electric Velocipede.

Finally, I’ve been continuing to post some reviews of the stuff that DriveThruStuff is kind enough to send my way.  I’m sent an awful lot of free codes, and I certainly don’t have time to review even a decent fraction of them, but I try to download only those I intend to review.  If I can’t review it (for whatever reason) I will delete the file, but I’m doing my best to post one or two a week.

How’s your life been over the last week, dear reader?  I’d truly like to know.