Stickers on my MacBook

My favorite past time is plastering my laptop with all kinds of cool stickers.  I started with an EFF sticker that I received the first time I pledged and my most recent addition was the nifty new sticker from Duck Duck Go that you can see in the upper right hand corner.  Gabriel, the awesome guy who runs DDG, got a bunch of stickers printed up and has been sending them to the fans.  I got mine a few days ago and figured out the backing tonight. (It’s normal backing, I’m just stupid.)  I’d also like to point out my Apple Computer sticker, which came with my Dad’s first Apple laptop in the early nineties.  Vintage.

If you’ve never used Duck Duck Go, try it out right now.  I used to be a Google devotee but switched over to DDG after I read a Lifehacker article about it.  My favorite things about DDG are that you can use a whole slew of awesome keyboard shortcuts and they don’t track your usage data.  They also have an SSL option and a variety of power user features.  It’s now the default search on every browser on my computer and I never get frustrated with it.  The search page is great, the results page is great, and the way it helps you drill down to the content you want is just phenomenal.

I know I sound like a fanboy.  I am.  I refuse to apologize.  Now go try it.