On Wednesday night, we finished our summer Pathfinder game.  Afterwards, my players enthusiastically wished we could continue during the year and agreed to try a series of one-shots.  Believe you me, I got a big warm fuzzy feeling over that one.

We estimated that we spent about 20 hours of game time playing over the course of the summer.  The group sometimes grew as large as six and sometimes as small as four.  And plenty of time was spent talking about the latest developments in Doctor Who Series 5.

The campaign covered the exploits of our brave adventurers as they met the local government, were deputized in the defense of the city, traveled to a world of dreams through the Market of Dreams, and ultimately vanquished an oytugh and two warring clans of cultists.  Not bad for three character levels.

In the final session, the party fought a pitched battle against the two cults of Dagon and Azathoth in what one player termed “the toilet of the city.”  The cults were also fighting each other (evil doesn’t always get along, after all), and the adventurers managed to escape unscathed.  They even picked up some new allies in the process and defeated an oytugh that had been drawn by the mayhem.  Each of the players used what they had and thought creatively.  I could not have been more proud.

I can’t wait to run some one-shots…