I have decided that the fate of this blog is best served by canceling my hosting plan with Dreamhost (who have been wonderful, by the way) and moving the domain to a free host. I’ve used Posterous as my host for a free blog for a while now, so it seems like a fairly natural transition. There may be some down time as the transition takes place, but I hope to have everything backed up and redirected by early this afternoon.

If you read my other site, Creative Anomalies, the parent domain, I plan to merge it with the blog subdomain. With any luck, creativeanomalies.com/blog will soon redirect to the main domain. And with that, I wish all of you (and WordPress) a very fond farewell!

EDIT: I was able to use a new domain (the actual site name) with WordPress for less than it would have cost me at Posterous, so here we are! Expect new content to arrive shortly.