I will not publish a bad review.  If I choose to review something, I will do so because I like it and think it is a worthwhile purchase (or download).  If I am given something to review, I will either write a good review if it is a good product or return it if it is not.  If I receive any free products or promotional materials, I will say so in the review, and otherwise you (the reader) should assume that I have paid the asking price.

I do not always have time to playtest something I am reviewing.  If I do have time for a playtest, I will say so in the review.  Other reviews may be considered “idiot reviews,” in which case I have done a read-through and taken some time to try to understand the game or book.

If you want me to review something, shoot me an email and ask before sending me something thanking me for my review.  If you ask, I guarantee I’ll read it or play it at least once and give my honest opinions.  I’m happy to do reviews, especially for independent publishers and the like, and will make them available for your reuse and linkage as you please.

Questions?  Email me at balrog13 @ gmail . com.