In one of the first episodes of Torchwood, the team encounters faeries. Related to my latest post about the fey, the faeries of Torchwood are mischievious, magical, and even murderous. Older by far than the humans and completely alien to us, they will not hesitate to kill to achieve their ends. Their victims are found without a mark, rose petals spilling from their mouths.

I quite liked the idea of fey assassins, so I’ve adopted and adapted it for my own purposes. The elves in my world are divided, some allied with the humans and some with the fey. There is a group of elves with unclear motives and alliances who have begun to kill, leaving no mark other than rose petals.

The group is made up of two ranks, the assassins and the foot soldiers. Each assassin has several levels in an arcane casting class, enough to allow him or her to cast phantasmal killer. They kill their victims magically, supported and protected by the foot soldiers. They specialize in killing quickly, quietly, and undetected.

I haven’t yet decided whether the group works for hire or is self-directed. They could easily play a part in political intrigue, or would make excellent rivals for a group of PCs.