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Ameron wrote a great post about suicide missions in roleplaying games. While (almost) no one likes to be surprised by a TPK, planning on a suicide mission can be a great way to amp up the tension. Heroic sacrifice is a traditional part of high fantasy, and there’s no reason you can’t make it part of a mission or even a campaign.

Of course, sacrifice need not be heroic. Knowingly going to one’s death is terrifying, to say the least. It may provide valuable perspective, and will certainly change the player’s outlook. Will they laugh in the face of death and live life to the fullest while taking heedless risks? Or will they take no risks and assure a meaningful sacrifice?

Add religion or ideology and a sacrifice can resonate for campaigns to come. Future characters might even be devotees of the famous martyr/saint from a previous campaign. Of course, this idea touches on a whole lot of social and political issues from the present time, so be sensitive and respect all points of view.


Several years ago I started playing D&D online through the Wizards of the Coast forums and message boards.  It was play-by-post, and very, very slow.  In fact, we never got more than half way through any campaign, and most died after no more than a month.  So, for the last few years since then I have largely steered clear of online gaming aids and solutions.  While reading GeekDad a few months ago, however, I noted with interest the idea of using a wiki like Obsidian Portal to manage and coordinate campaigns.  I tried it out and was (and remain) very impressed.

Obsidian Portal is really a first-class tool for RPGs.  It’s system-neutral, so it matters not whether you play D&D, Savage Worlds, or any of the other dozens of RPGs available today.  I really like the wiki system that they have established – it’s a really useful framework for building references and documents into one coherent bundle.  The “GM Only” sections of each page are also handy for keeping players in the dark about the ambush they’ll walk into if they open the door to the temple.

My point here is not simply to review or endorse Obsidian Portal, though.  I heard through another blogger about Epic Words and decided to check it out.  Like Obsidian Portal, Epic Words offers a system-neutral wiki for reference docs, a forum for campaign discussion, and character info for players and GMs alike.  Unlike Obsidian Portal, Epic Words is oriented around the character and campaign blogs that allow players and GMs to post synopses of recent exploits from the POV of the omniscient god or an adventurer in character.  For that reason, I have been using Obsidian Portal to host my wiki of reference docs, since I like the interface better, and Epic Words to host recaps and journals.  So far it has worked pretty well.
While I do most of my campaign and adventure development in Google Docs, wikis are a great way to make my campaign data available to others.  Easy linking lets my players find the info that I can just scroll to in my monster Google Doc.  Well, that really turned into more of a review than it was intended to.  I hope others give Obsidian Portal and Epic Words a whirl and let me know what they (or you) think.