I’ve always liked Foehammer from the first Halo game. Wherever the Pillar of Autumn’s crew needed her, she went, usually just in time. Foehammer knew how to pilot her Pelican transport like it was an extension of herself.

Carrying the idea a bit farther, I developed Foehammer as an NPC to use in my games. I plan to insert Foehammer into the fantasy Midgard game I’m currently planning.

Originally designed for the Eberron campaign setting, Foehammer is, in fact, two beings: a warforged and an elemental airship. It is impossible to tell where one begins and the other ends. Their history and origins are uncertain, but the few who have seen them up close know that they communicate without words, even in the heat of battle.

In Eberron, Foehammer were developed as a secret project during the end of the Last War. Through some accident during construction, the two became bonded in a way the artificers had not foreseen (and certainly could not understand). House Cannith performed numerous tests on the two as soon as the bond was discovered, but after just a few days Foehammer disappeared forever, leaving behind broken bones and a smoking hole in the Cannith research foundry.

The same origin story works in any setting. Just change House Cannith to fit whatever amoral research group you have handy. In Midgard, the clockworkers guild would fit perfectly.

Since escaping, Foehammer have kept to themselves. They can typically be found cruising at high altitude through convenient mountain ranges, and occasionally appear to rescue dumbstruck travelers caught by scrags or stuck in a landslide.

Both the airship and the warforged are the finest specimens of their kind, and some have attempted to take one or the other for their own. Attempting to steal a heavily-armed, sentient airship is hardly an easy task, and the warforged is a skilled combatant in possession of powerful warforged artifacts.

Foehammer will become a major player in the campaign world I am now developing. How might you use them?